Anna Ibsen                                                                          

  Artist & Painter

Original Paintings ,medium, acrylic on  canvas


I was  born on June 10 Th. in the 50`s ,  in a place called Fredriksberg , Denmark.

My dad Vagn was a furniture carpenter,  my mother was there for my brother Peter

an us all.

I been painting for as long as I remember back, my brother was a excellent painter

who gave me my first canvas and oil paint, with that I painted my first portrait at age 13.

I learned from Peter and sketching from the good old Art books.

In 1983 I moved to Miami, Florida, for health reasons, the first years I did a lot of different jobs,
 freelance designs so on. After some years, I kept on focusing on my own ideas, with other words
Original paintings, and made it at living, I been selling to Art Collectors all over the USA,
 Painter Romero Britto have one with a "apple tree" in his  private collection.

Before I moved back to Denmark in 2006, I spend about 14 years in a neighbourhood,

  called Little Haiti in Miami, just 5 min,  from where i lived, you will se a reflecting of
that,  in some of my work.



all copyrights reserved to Anna Ibsen


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